Y House

Creating a Facade

What kind of facade should a long site facing along the road have? The site is close to the sea, and the road in front has a large flow of people. The house would have many visitors due to the yoga studio attached. If we built the house like the ones in the area, it would only open up to the sea and have its back to the road; this did not feel right for this site. The Goken-Nagaya(five-unit house) is a terraced house with shops on the ground floor and housing above. It was commonly built during the Taisho period when Japan was drastically modernised. Even though five different units constitute it, the typology allows it to be one. The Goken-Nagaya taught us what kind of facade the house should have.


Location: Kanagawa
Completion: -
For: Private
Size: 266.63 m²  

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